Enterprise Agreement Murdoch

David Burchell, president of NTEU at Western Sydney University, said business negotiations have been more difficult this year than in previous years. From the beginning, the university`s management was more aggressive and more organized. The denunciation of the Murdoch University Enterprise Agreement is a radical change in negotiations in the higher education sector and its effects go beyond situations where a university is experiencing financial difficulties. Is the “nuclear” option the right one for your institution? In his decision, Commissioner Williams took into account the fact that the negotiations had been extended (there were 27 negotiating meetings over 12 months) and that the parties were essentially blocked, as the university had submitted its best final offer many months earlier. He concluded that the current negotiating environment was not neutral and favoured the NTEU, where it would not agree to amend the relevant clauses of the Murdoch agreement. A denunciation of the agreement would be more likely to tip the balance, but it is not contrary to the public interest to do so, as the NTEU is not prepared to amend the existing clauses. More broadly, the decision focused not only on the cost of the enterprise agreement provisions, but also on the problems that arise when enterprise agreements restrict an employer`s flexibility to deal with the difficult circumstances of the business. “I think it`s a crisis for enterprise trading,” she says. “You can`t negotiate fairly anymore.” When a university has requested the termination of its business contract at some point, it must keep in mind that its financial information and financial circumstances are subject to a thorough review. If the evidence shows that the university is in a strong financial position, this fact will be used against it. However, financial prudence should not be ruled out if the right strategies are adopted. While there are some differences of opinion on the union`s industrial tactics, there is no indication that Sydney or any other university will follow Murdoch`s lead.

A spokeswoman for the University of Sydney confirmed that the termination option was not being considered. There are steps a university wants to take to maintain the ability to successfully apply for the termination of its enterprise contract. We will discuss this at our next forum. The union`s national president, Jeannie Rea, said most of the country`s universities were negotiating enterprise agreements without resorting to Murdoch`s tactics. She says it`s “pretty strange for Murdoch to take the step he`s taken” when three other Universities in Western Australia were close to reaching deals. When an enterprise contract is terminated, employees often resort to much lower bonus wages and the terms obtained during many years of collective bargaining can be lost.