Happy Cafe

The Happy Cafe was set up after the Sedbergh Centre ran a successful 8-week Exploring What Matters course. Attendees said they would like to continue with the Action for Happiness  ethos in the form of a monthly cafe which offers sessions that follow the 10 keys to happier living.

A Happy Cafe is one which has agreed to be part of the Happy Café Network, which is being set up by members of the Action for Happiness movement.

Happy Cafés provide a warm welcome for anyone
interested in happiness and wellbeing – and encourage them to meet together for a drink and friendly chat.

Happy Cafés also display inspiring and informative
material to help people discover new ways to improve their wellbeing and help make others happier too.

Action for Happiness supporters may also identify
themselves by wearing a sticker provided by the café, to help them connect with other like-minded people.