Heating Service Agreement

All services are provided during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm). An additional $100.00 is charged for out-of-hours service. HlK service contracts usually start with a basic plan. This is usually a one-standard test and an oven test. These generally cover only the labour costs associated with the performance of the routine service. All used parts or consumables (for example. B air filter) are usually extra. There are many service options to consider, z.B. the “hire-when-you-need-it” type. The problem is that the problem you have is perhaps a problem that could have been avoided by routine maintenance. Cleaning the air conditioning duct can affect the .B. the efficiency of your alternating current unit. If you wait for your air to change significantly, you may have waited too long and caused other problems with your system.

With a service contract, you can have all routine maintenance work, as well as routine inspections, planned to ensure equipment that works properly throughout the year. Each year, your covered air conditioning and/or heating are checked by one of our qualified professionals. Customers can make appointments on our website and set up an annual maintenance reminder. We also use social media by posting information about our service agreements on Facebook and Twitter. Although we are proposing one- or two-year plans, the two-year program is our most popular year, as it involves a 30% discount on the second year of coverage. This allows us to lock up the client for two years and ensures two to four scheduled visits throughout the agreement. At Isaac Heating and Air Conditioning, we have more than 22,000 service customers. How did we get so much and how can your company expand its service agreement base? Our main growth in contract sales is provided by our technicians. Your attitude is everything. Customers see service technicians as experts in what they do, and if a technician truly believes in the value of a service contract, the customer will believe it too. To compare the value of individual outfits, look at companies that cover about the same items.

Also check what companies do during maintenance visits – for example, do they clean air conditioning coils? And remember that some businesses can offer a 24-hour service, while others are difficult to reach outside normal business hours. When you look at these things, you will be informed and make better decisions about whether hvac service contracts are right for you and your home. This will keep some of your hard earned money in your pocket. And your equipment is always properly stocked. Protection Plus Maintenance Program $24.95 per month: Customers participating in the ProtectionPlus Maintenance Program benefit from an annual super tune-up that includes all tune-up procedures. These include a safety inspection for their heating and air conditioning systems as well as a complete cleaning. No diagnostic fees and no fees and no fees for parts and work for most small repairs. Savings of up to 252 $US per repair! This gives tranquility knowing that you are covered if you have a breakdown.