What Is Meant By Amicable Agreement

We were friends in business, and we let our friendly qualities rounded and season our hours of rest and madness. Friendly, neighborhood, friendly, it is to show good will and lack of antagonism. By mutual agreement implies a state of peace and the desire of the parties not to argue. Friendly relationships are the will to live well with others and to be fundamentally useful. Friendly Neighbourhood emphasizes the cordiality and often the warmth or intimacy of personal relationships. Friendly Council A standard dispute settlement clause, often found in national trade agreements, reads: “1) The parties have agreed that all differences on this agreement will be settled amicably by their representatives; 2. If it is not possible to settle disputes amicably, the parties go to the appropriate courts.” The separation of Microsoft-Ballmer could be the rare case where an amicable divorce would enrich both parties. By mutual agreement, relationships or agreements (including court proceedings, such as divorces) are used, with a meaning that ranges from simply “non-contentious, consensual” to “quite friendly”. On the other hand, the similar term is particularly used to be “pleasant, endearing” as a “friendly smile”. [1] “It was a very peaceful, friendly, beautiful divorce, where my siblings and I had a great, funny, healthy childhood,” he says. While the theory and the signals clearly indicate that there are many good reasons to involve mediators in some cases to maximize the chances of resolving national trade disputes, another question is to what extent the private and public sectors actually benefit from them? I would like to see if we can reach an out-of-court settlement on the complaint I had to bring. And you and the Marquis would better find an amicable settlement with me.

Friendly (relatively friendlier, superlatives the friendliest) Our was a friendly division, supported by practical necessity. In 139, she had led her father to believe that it was a friendly conversation behind the closed door. Another, more terrible failure, the family accepted the “amicable solution” proposed by his friends.