What Is The Ogdensburg Agreement

The agreement opened closer military cooperation between Canada and the United States and created the Permanent Joint Defence Council, which remains the main advisory body for continental security, consisting of two national sections made up of diplomatic and military representatives. For seven decades, his meetings served as windows on Canada-U.S. Defense connections. Military cooperation between Canada and the United States was further enhanced by the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in 1949, but the Council continued to play an important role in bilateral military relations and coordination. The Ogdensburg Agreement of August 18, 1940 was developed to create a framework for closer continental defence cooperation in the face of the Second World War between Canada and the United States. Recalling the close ties between Prime Minister Mackenzie King and President Roosevelt, the agreement was reached in a “most informal character, in which the President and Prime Minister ins. Mr. Roosevelt`s private car was assigned, while it was within sight of a siding in the village of Heuvelton, New York, reported the New York Times 1940 (Hurd). Ogdensburg`s brief statement focused on the creation of the Standing Committee on Common Defence (PJBD), which included Canadian and American military and civilian researchers.

The PJBD should serve as a communication forum between Canada and the United States, as well as a tool for establishing assessments of the “northern half of the Western Hemisphere`s defence.” It is important to note that the creation of the Board of Directors was deliberately designed to survive the war (Granatstein, 9f). Prime Minister Mackenzie King, who reported the Ogdensburg agreement to the Canadian Parliament, stressed that “the link forged by the Canada-U.S. defence agreement is not a temporary axis.” He described it as “part of the enduring basis for a new world order based on friendship and goodwill” and stressed that Canada was acting “in conjunction between the British Commonwealth and the United States” to promote this new world order. The Joint Defence Commission established under the Ogdensburg Agreement is a permanent agency charged with surviving the current emergency.