Consideration For Postnuptial Agreement

Puritz, above; Matter of McGlone, 284 NY 527, 32 N.E.2d 539 (1940) (the Court of Appeal upheld the woman`s right to vote on the grounds that writing was not recognized). Couples may seek agreements for a number of reasons. They may not have been able to conceive of a prenup before they got married, says Alice Ahearn, a Washington, D.C family law attorney. A terminated contract allows them to balance the same financial considerations they have always wanted to address, even after exchanging vows. A couple`s financial conditions are likely to change significantly during their marriage, a reality that makes it possible to tackle post-marital contracts. Almost everyone who has considered or contemplated the possibility of marriage has heard of a marriage contract which is a contract between two soon-to-be-married people, which can define their rights and obligations with respect to their separated property in the event of divorce, annulment and/or death. However, many already married couples may not realize the lack of post-epeptic agreements. Inheritance contracts can cover the same issues as in marriage contracts, such as. B the equitable division of property, the renunciation of the other person`s property rights and alimony. The marriage contract can be a legally enforceable contract. However, in certain circumstances, the agreement may be cancelled.

In addition, a court may not comply with certain provisions of the contract, while imposing the rest of the marriage contract.