Lindsey Management Rental Agreement

Lindsey Management, the largest property management company in northwest Arkansas, has been largely frustrated by community members over KNWA/Fox 24. The company alone owns 25 complexes near Fayetteville, the website says. The Lanes live in one of these buildings in Fayetteville. We broke our lease 2 months earlier to move to Denver, and we had no problems (other than the financial aspect to which we were prepared); Our management was really kind and helpful. “The apartment buildings that Lindsey Management Co., Inc. provides management services love all of their residents [sic] and only want the best for them,” Lindsey said. “In order to help residents who have lost their jobs due to the impact of coronavirus, roommates will allow more time to pay the rent without charging late fees. We hope for the best for all of America in these difficult times. I`m sorry if I shared more than you wanted to read, but I wanted to give you a more precise idea of what some property management companies can be, at least based on my experience. When I rented with Lindsey, it was a good experience. I was at the Cliffs, which is a very nice area, with several very nice amenities.

The managers changed a few times during my rent, but they all seemed very helpful. However, there were many unusual clauses in the lease. Someone mentioned automatic renewal; This is not a common practice in Arkansas and is not supported by Arkansas law. It`s something that Lindsey does and gets away with it because they`re big, and it kept us in this apartment about a year longer than we really wanted to be there. There is also an agreement in the rental agreement to expire part of your deposit for painting and carpet cleaning. This is also not supported by the AR Act, which explicitly states that the total amount of the deposit must be repaid, in short the cost of the damages (which must be broken down). To be clear, I am not saying that these things are illegal, except that there are no passages of the law that explicitly support them. As I understand it, your lease actually requires you to voluntarily waive some of the protections afforded to you by law. Just something you need to keep in mind if you decide to rent with them.