Logistics Service Provider Agreement

(c) comprehensive general liability insurance, which is insured against any liability in the event of injury or death of a person or person, as well as damage or destruction of objects resulting from or in connection with transportation services to be provided as part of transportation services, including coverage of damage caused by theft, removal , transportation. The carrier provides these services in accordance with the exposure specifications [list exposure letters such as A, B or C] and all additional obligations under Schedule [Letter of Issue on List] (as the sender may reasonably change the Section 3 allowances from time to time. In fulfilling its obligations to the shipper under this Agreement, the carrier does not exclude the shipper or carrier from another shipper or carrier of remedial action, either in law or in equity. The refusal of the shipper or carrier to insist at any time on the strict performance of a federal state or an agreement or an option contained in this Convention, a right to exercise power or recourse, should not be construed as a waiver or waiver of that agreement for the future. The receipt and acceptance of royalties by the carrier or their payment by the shipper, in the knowledge of a breach of a contract contained in this Convention, are not considered a waiver of such an infringement. 6.5 If one party files for bankruptcy, if it is in effect as a bankruptcy administrator or judicial administrator, or grants an assignment to creditors or an agreement under a bankruptcy right, the other party may immediately terminate that notice. 3.6 If, during the duration of the agreement, the shipper changes its position by adding a warehouse (the “new site”) to the list of exposures (list exposure letter), the sender may, initially, assign the new site to the carrier for a period of no more than six (6) months, at the service price calculated by the carrier on the same economic basis as the agreed rates. During this six-month period, the shipper will request price proposals for transportation and shipping services to and from the new site of forwarders and other external transportation providers. At the end of this proposal procedure and at the sole discretion of the shipper, the shipper may assign the new local transportation services to a carrier deemed most appropriate by the shipper.