Social Media Partnership Agreement With Your Name On It

9.4 Impact on customers. The parties recognize and agree that the partner solution provides services on fixed terms that may exceed the expiry or expiry date of this contract. In order to ensure that the Customer, at Hootsuite`s choice, can continue to receive the services at the expiry or termination of this contract for the full duration of any contract-compliant order, the duration of this agreement may nevertheless be considered extended (if necessary) on the basis of the customer and executed simultaneously with the duration of each term of the outstanding contract. The express intention of the parties in this context is to continue to allow the customer access to the Services and to require the Solution Partner to continue to pay in a timely manner (if any) for the duration of such a compliant order, so that the solution partner can reasonably rely on Hootsuite to provide the services for the duration of the compliant order. , whatever circumstances are taking place in terminating this agreement. Hootsuite is not obligated to provide services to the customer over time or under any conditions other than those agreed by Hootsuite in the compliant order, regardless of an agreement or insurance agreed by the Solution Partner to do so. After the expiry or end of the agreement with the solution partner and after the termination of each compliant order, Hootsuite has the right to enter into a direct agreement with the Customer that allows the customer to continue to subscribe to Hootsuite`s services without any additional compensation obligation to the Solution Partner. In accordance with applicable conditions and requirements, Hootsuite Solution Partner pays a share of the revenue from the services sold. The revenue share is based on the revenue of a solution partner (as defined below) (the “share of revenue”),: this Hootsuite Solution partnership agreement, including all schedules (the “agreement”) is entered into by and between Hootsuite Media Inc.

(“Hootsuite”), a Canadian company headquartered at 5 East 8th Ave, Vancouver , BC, V5T 4S8 and the company that accepts these conditions. This agreement applies from the date the Solution partner clicks the “I accept” button below (the “validity date”) button. If you agree on behalf of the solution partner, make sure and guarantee that: (i) you have full legal authority to bind your employer or the competent authority to these conditions; (ii) you have read and understood this agreement; and (iii) You accept this agreement on behalf of the party you represent. If you don`t have the legal authority to retain Solution Partner, don`t click the “I accept” button below.