Tenancy Agreement Scottish Government

You should keep a record of the emails you send to your client and receive from your client. These include emails about your lease. If your landlord does not use the typical rental agreement, he must give you the legal terms of the residential rental agreement: letters of support, with your rental agreement that explains the 9 basic conditions that your landlord must include in the rental agreement. Landlords (or brokers acting on behalf of their landlord) can terminate a lease agreement only by a notice of leave based on one of the 18 reasons for eviction. Eight of these reasons are mandatory, eight are discretionary and two can be either. More info… NB: When entering into your own contract, you should be aware that clause 2 for rent increases, clauses 6, 7 and 8 relating to access to repairs and clause 9 for termination in the 2017 Private Residential Rent Regulation (Scotland) deviate slightly from the corresponding sections of the model tenancy agreement, and this must be expressed in your agreement. You and your client can send a signed rental agreement by email. You don`t need to print it. Your legal rights cannot be withdrawn, regardless of what your lease says. This means that you sometimes have more rights than in your lease. Once you`re done, you can download your rental agreement as a Word or PDF document. Your name and address must be made available to your client.

If you manage the property yourself, your name and address must be clearly stated in the rental agreement. If you use an owner, the agreement may include your name and agent address, but their full name and address must be provided to the customer upon request. You and your tenant can enter into this contract with a signature: your landlord is not obliged to own the property – you can also sublet a room to another tenant who resides in the property. You have what is called a common lease if: if you use a landlord, it is very likely that they will deliver and sign the lease on your behalf, but if you manage it yourself, it is up to you to ensure that you have an appropriate agreement containing all the necessary conditions for the lease.