Ukraine Association Agreement Report

Following the adoption of a law on the resolution of bank failures that has contributed to Ukraine`s continued financial stability, the report says it is important to ensure the independence of the Central Bank and maintain monetary and financial stability in the longer term, despite the resignation of the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine in July. Implementation of the trade chapter of the Association Agreement continued, including some trade and tariff facilitation measures. Highlights of the report include the speed of legislative action in the first months of The new Ukrainian parliament and the new government, as well as progress on important reforms, such as banking and land reforms, despite COVID-19`s AUSBRUCH. The report highlights Ukraine`s significant progress in the digital sector. The EU also welcomes the reform of decentralisation and encourages Ukraine to continue its follow-up. Other achievements are the development policy of agriculture and rural areas. On 2 December, the EU published its annual association report on Ukraine. The report describes the implementation of reforms under the ASSOCIATION agreement BETWEEN the EU and Ukraine over the past year. It will be published on the eve of the informal meeting of eu-Ukraine Association Council members on 8 December. The report highlights the rapid legislative activity that marked the first months of Ukraine`s new parliament – elected in 2019, shortly after the election of Volodymyr Zelensky, the country`s president himself, in a landslide – and reflected the expectations of Ukrainian citizens.

In the run-up to an informal meeting of eu-Ukraine Association Council members on 8 December, the European Union published its annual association report on Ukraine, which outlines the country`s progress in implementing reforms to the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement over the past year. Olivér Vérhelyi, Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement, said: “The EU will continue to help Ukraine advance the reform agenda, fully implement and exploit the benefits of the Association Agreement and mitigate the negative effects of the coronavirus crisis. Report ON THE ASSOCIATION OF THE ASSOCIATION AGENDA AND ASSOCIATION ACCORD BETWEEN THE EUROPEAN UNION AND UKRAINE (JANUARY – MAY, 2016) Unlike many information and information platforms, emerging Europe is free to read and always will be. There is no Paywall. We are independent, we are not affiliated with a political party or an economic organization or we do not represent them.