Wow Service Agreement, or you can contact a customer service agent at NuLink or contact our cable office for these agreements. You don`t want to cancel your service if your cancellation fee exceeds the payment fee for the balance of your contract. So it`s important to do the math to find out which one is best for you. Game publishers. Some games include editing software (hereafter called “Game Editors” that allow you to create custom games, levels, maps, scenarios or other content (“Custom Games”). For the purposes of this Agreement and all the agreements to which it is referred, the “Custom Games” includes all content created with the (s) player (s), including, but not limited to all digital files associated with these user games, and (1) any content included in those files, including player characters and non-players , audio and video elements, environments, objects, elements, skins and textures. , (2) all titles, trademarks, trade names, character names or other names and expressions related to the custom game or included in the custom game, and (3) all other intellectual property rights contained in the user game, including all content, game concepts, methods or ideas. A custom game can only be used with the game engine associated with a specific game editor. How custom games can be used or used is set in the policy for the acceptable use of the custom game whose terms are included in this agreement. Blizzard can edit, delete, disable or delete custom games at any time. Beta-tests and real money features. Some games may have features that allow you to purchase licenses for the use of digital objects or services via the game`s interface. If you purchase a license to use a digital item or service on the game`s user interface during a beta test, all purchases are subject to the terms of sale.

Blizzard does not give you a refund for the purchase of an item or digital service, and in some cases, items or services purchased during a beta test cannot be converted to the sale version of a game. In these cases, Blizzard provides you with information explaining the credit you would get for your purchase of digital goods or services for real money during a beta test, once the beta test is complete. 2. MAINTENANCE AND OWNERSHIP OF EQUIPMENT – All wiring, connectors and cable fastening equipment installed by the company are installed, unless the premises are part of an apartment building (“MDU”), a development on the premises and become the property of the owner of the premises. You recognize the ownership of these devices. Ownership of the company`s wiring and installed facilities is subject to any agreement between the company and the building owner, as well as the applicable rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”). You are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the devices you own or supply. We are not responsible for or responsible for service losses or disruptions due in whole or in part to the failure of devices that you own or provide to function properly.

If devices or equipment available to you do not meet the technical specifications set by the FCC, we will reserve the right to discontinue service until this breach is corrected. YOU CAN BUY A NAVIGATION DEVICE FROM A THIRD PARTY.