We are Sedbergh Youth & Community Centre – a registered charity – tackling health, social & economic issues affecting people from the local area and beyond. Our Vitality Project is funded by The National Lottery Community Fund and offers many low-cost social activities, sports and support resources to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Scroll down the page to see what we offer or visit the different sections of this website in the menu above.

Sessions will be limited to Foodbank Vouchers until Monday 5 August

Call 01274 679843 to make an appointment:

– Benefit Entitlements/PIP Appeals

– Utility Discounts/Foodbank Vouchers

– Form-filling Assistance


Admission: FREE

Get Support - Live Better

Access to support helps you to cope better in the current climate

get online with free sims and free laptops subject to criteria

Call 01274 679843 to make an appointment:

– *Free mobile SIM cards

– *Free laptops

–  Free digital skills factsheets


Admission: FREE

*Over 18s only and from a low-income household or have insufficient access to the internet or cannot afford your existing monthly contract or top up.

Get Online - Feel Included

Getting online will help you feel part of the digital world & live a happier and easier life

employment support

Call 01274 679843 to make an appointment:

– Job search opportunities

– Job applications/CVs

– Build skills/work experience

– Interview preparation/practice 

Admission: FREE

Feel Confident & Work Ready

Feel supported in the job search process and build skills to find employment

Friendship & Craft Group

Join us on Mondays from 10.00 A.M. – 12.00 noon for:

  • Sewing, card-making, upcycling 
  • Skill-building sessions
  • Friendships & socials
  • Refreshments & snacks

Admission: £2.00

Crafting will improve your well-being and reduce stress. Connecting with other people means you’ll feel more supported and confident. 

Toddlers' Stay & Play

Sessions will be closed until Tuesday 3 September

Regular active play and social activity sessions for pre-school children aged 0 – 4 years & their parents and carers.

  • Active play, messy play and soft play
  • State-of-the-art sensory room
  • Includes healthy snack break

Have Fun - Get School Ready

Interacting with other children of the same age can encourage child development, independence & supports parents.

Youth Club

Sessions will be closed until Tuesday 3 September

Regular youth sessions for young people aged 6 – 13 years to connect with peers in a safe, supervised space.

  • Take part in arts, crafts and  baking
  • Enjoy team sports & games
  • Celebrate themed events

Have Fun & Make New Friends

Youth clubs support young people to develop important life skills, confidence & independence. They provide great opportunities to explore new interests and make friends.

Carers' Cafe

The session will be closed in August & the September session will be a planned day out. Normal sessions resume on Monday 21 October. 

A well-being group for carers of all ages to meet every 3rd Monday of the month for a friendly natter, games, arts & crafts, updated information and support plus a light lunch. See dates here 

Admission: £2.00 including lunch

Caring for someone can feel very lonely and isolating. This group will enable carers to join up with other people who understand.

Fibromyalgia & Joint Support

The session will be closed in August & the September session will be a planned day out. Normal sessions resume on Wednesday 16 October.

A session for people with fibromyalgia and associated conditions to meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month for fun activities, relaxation and support plus information, pain management and resilience techniques. See dates here

Admission: £2.00 including refreshments.

Support groups provide important networks for people to talk to others and to cope better.

Man Shed

man shed

A weekly Shed session for men of all ages & abilities to work on basic woodwork projects and take part in social activities.

  • Upcycling & woodwork projects
  • Dedicated workshop & tools
  • Learn & share skills

Open Wednesdays 12.00 noon – 3.00 P.M.   Admission is £2.00 including refreshments.

An Exclusive Space For Men

Practical and social activities for men to encourage positive health outcomes and an increased sense of purpose & confidence.

Young at Heart

A weekly session for people of all ages & abilities to get together for fun, social activities.

  • Make new friends & connections
  • Play quizzes, games & Bingo
  • Have fun & lots of laughs

Open Wednesdays 1.00 – 3.00 P.M.  Admission is £2.00 including refreshments.

Connect With Others & Feel Supported

Social activities enhance overall well-being, self-esteem & confidence and will help you maintain a positive outlook on life.

Table Tennis

Sessions will be closed until Wednesday 4 September.

Table tennis

Fun table tennis sessions for people of all ages & abilities. Have fun & stay in shape. All levels welcome.

  • Keep fit & stay in shape
  • All equipment provided
  • Have fun & connect with others

A Social Sport For All Ages

Regular physical activity helps maintain a healthy body and mind. Improve your strength, stamina, agility, hand-eye co-ordination and reflexes.

Sedbergh Boxing

Sessions will be closed until Monday 2 September.

Inclusive boxing sessions for children (age 6+) & adults. All levels welcome for fitness or to build skills to competition level.

  • Training, sparring & competitions
  • Modern gymnasium & equipment
  • Award winning boxing

Get Fit - Feel Better

Regular physical activity helps maintain a healthy body and mind. You will feel fitter and have improved self-esteem, personal discipline, confidence & coordination.

Breathe Better

Sessions will be closed from Wednesday 31 July. They will reopen on Wednesday 4 September. Booking essential.

Gentle exercise sessions for the over 50s to help with fitness and well-being. 

  • Fun & friendly gentle exercise
  • Supports positive health, well-being & friendships
  • Includes half-time refreshments

Get Fit - Breathe Better

Gentle exercise will help you stay active & healthy for longer. Regular exercise will strengthen muscles & joints as well as your heart & lungs. You will feel fitter and improve your self-esteem, confidence and co-ordination. 

Pro-dance Academy

Sessions are closed until Monday 2 September. Call 0771 3944471 or 0730 9852607 for Boot Camp details.

Different styles of dance are available throughout the week for young people.

  • Fun & exciting dance classes
  • Annual shows, competitions, performance trips etc.
  • Audition & casting updates

Get Fit Through Creativity

Dancing is good for your health & self-esteem. You will improve your flexibility, balance & co-ordination as well as feel fitter and more confident.